Mark Sullivan was raised mostly in New Jersey in an Irish Catholic family and developed an interest in science at an early age, throughout his youth intending to become a scientist. By college his focus for the first couple of years was physics, but he also developed an interest in psychology and spirituality during this time as well, leading to shifting his academic focus from physics to psychology while still an undergraduate. At first emphasizing the intersection of spirituality and psychology, Mark’s early training included a study (and later practice) of transpersonal counseling and psychotherapy, with a special emphasis on Psychosynthesis.

A meditation practitioner since 1978, Mark has also worked as a spiritual educator with an emphasis on spiritual philosophy and theory, meditation and the integration of spirituality into daily life. Over the years, this work broadened to include an influence from many spiritual traditions and teachings, East and West, evolving towards a more integrative and global spirit. Although not identified with any particular path or spiritual tradition, Mark has been particularly influenced by various forms of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, the Advaita, Tantric and Raja Yoga schools of Hinduism, Surat Shabd Yoga, and various forms of Western esotericism including the teachings of the Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis, aka Daskalos, and numerous others. Although these diverse sources have significantly contributed to Mark’s path and understanding, his teachings are based primarily on the richness of his own intuitive experience and research.