The following educational offerings are available online through Zoom web conferencing service. Zoom can be accessed on computers, tablets and cellphones, and even by calling in by phone for audio only. If a participant misses a meeting there will be an opportunity after the meeting to view a video recording of the event. 

For those who would like to test access to, or become more familiar with, Zoom on their computer or device, use this link: 

Current Offerings

The Flowering of Presence – Cultivating Presence in Meditation and Daily Life

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Seven Weeks, alternating Sundays, from February 19th to May 14th, 2023

Meetings will be 2/19, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2, 4/16, 4/30 and 5/14/23.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time). Also meeting time changes from DST differences will happen in March.

Cost: $175 (let me know if this fee is prohibitive so we find what works)

All spiritual practices awaken, strengthen or integrate spiritual presence. The heart of presence is simple and natural, yet presence also manifests a spectrum of qualities, energies and dimensions of wisdom.

This webinar will be very practice-centered, seeking to explore the various stages and dimensions of spiritual deepening through the central vision of presence.

In this webinar we will approach the awakening and cultivation of presence from a variety of perspectives, including:

Exploring three major stages of presence: basic presence or centeredness; soul presence and nondual presence.

The Qualities of Presence:

  • Dynamic and receptive aspects of presence – the yin and yang of our spiritual nature – awareness/consciousness and dynamic expression;
  • The nature and foundational aspects of centered presence;
  • The qualities of soul presence such awareness, intention, love, acceptance, compassion, balance, effort, peace, contentment and others;
  • Presence and the seven rays or wisdom-luminosities; the rays as soul wisdom-energies; presence and the seven ray families and paths;

Nondual presence – interrelationship, buddha-nature and the union of love and wisdom.

Universal Presence, the Logos or the Primordial Buddha and the spiritual path;

The tantric or transformational view of the awakening and unfoldment of presence;

The relationship of subpersonalities, the three bodies, personality traits and presence;

The relationship of presence and dharana, dhyana and samadhi (or concentration, intuitive meditation and spiritual identification).

The Power of Presence for – awakening wisdom; manifesting healing; radiating love; harmonizing our nature; deepening wholeness; actualizing spiritual qualities; awakening intuition; opening to nondual realization.

We will also explore various practices for awakening presence both in meditation and in daily life. Particularly important in this webinar will be the approach of working with a multi-stage understanding of the cultivation of presence. This includes the understanding of the unfoldment of specific stages of presence, both in meditation and in daily life, as related to the stages of enlightenment or initiation. This understanding will help provide greater clarity and skill in choosing practices according to our stage and situation.

In addition to exploring the nature of presence and its various stages of development, we will also explore the various facets or aspects of presence, including working with the seven wisdom-energies (rays) as dimensions of presence.

Past Offerings

The Relationship of Spirituality and Modern Psychology: An Integrative Approach

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Seven Weeks, alternating Sundays, from October 23, 2022 to January 21, 2023

Meetings will be Oct 23rd, Nov 6th, Nov 20th, Dec 4th, Dec 18th, Jan 8th and Jan 22nd. Due to one of the meetings falling on New Year’s Day, this meeting will be delayed to the following Sunday, Jan. 8th. The final meeting will then be two weeks later on the 22nd.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $175 (let me know if this fee is prohibitive so we find what works)

This webinar will focus on the differences and similarities of modern psychology and the spiritual path, emphasizing their integration for a more skillful and rich approach to transformation, healing and awakening. We will compare various aspects of each approach, including their respective:

  • core understandings of human nature;
  • goals for growth and healing;
  • understandings of the causes of suffering and human limitation;
  • methods of transformation;
  • and the role of the teacher vs. therapist.

As we explore both spirituality and psychology, we will particularly focus on how modern psychology is being enriched by the world’s spiritual traditions, and ways that the spiritual traditions are learning from the psychotherapeutic community, deepening our sense of how the integration of insights and approaches from modern psychology can, and is, enriching our modern approach to spirituality.

Topics explored will also include:

  • When is it important to embrace spiritual practice and when it is useful to turn to psychotherapy and psychological understanding, and how they can be combined and integrated.
  • The importance of a psychologically informed spirituality, sensitive to the ways that our psychological nature and issues can and should inform our approach to the spiritual path, including our choice of practices.
  • The history and value of some forms of spiritual and transpersonal psychology such as, for example, William James, Jung, Assagioli, Maslow, Grof and Ali (Almaas).
  • Forms of therapy that explicitly or subtly include a spiritual source of inspiration and approach, including Jungian, Psychosynthesis, Holotropic Breathwork, the Diamond Approach, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, ACT (Acceptance-Commitment Therapy), and Integral Psychotherapy.
  • Ken Wilber, Transpersonal Psychology and Integral Spirituality and Integral Psychotherapy.

Additional themes explored include: trauma work, psychotherapy and the path; elementals, karma and psychological issues; subpersonalities, rays and chakras; spiritual and esoteric causes of psychological suffering and imbalance; spiritual bypassing; psychedelic therapy; and spiritual crisis and ‘emergency’.

An important theme will also include how to distinguish psychological issues and mental illnesses from: spiritual challenges and experiences such as kundalini issues, the dark night of the soul, spiritual cleansing and initiation, and authentic spiritual visions and psychic phenomena and other spiritually-based experiences.

This exploration will also include understanding ways in which a psychology lacking spiritual understanding can undermine our spiritual path, or even lead to psychological damage. And similarly, when a spirituality lacking adequate psychological understand can also lead to harm or at least not address important issues.

We will also employ meditation practices to explore these themes and deepen direct experience, as well as explore ways to work with these teachings in daily life.

Nondualism, Soul, Karma and Practice – Integrating the Absolute and Relative Dimensions Our Nature and Path

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Seven Weeks, alternating Sundays, from July 10th to October 2nd, 2022

Meetings will be July 10, July 24, Aug 7, Aug 21, Sept 4, Sept 18, and Oct 2.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $175 (let me know if this fee is prohibitive so we find what works)

Awakening to nondualism, the realization of fundamental interdependence, is nurtured in the human experience through the development of our soul nature, including working with relative wisdom and practices such as understanding karma, intentionality and effort, and strengthening spiritual qualities in practice. The relationship between the absolute or nondual and the relative aspects of the path is an ongoing paradox and challenge for many practitioners, and resolving this paradox is important in developing a wise and skillful spiritual practice. An important discovery in exploring this paradox is when we realize that these seemingly distinct dimensions of reality are actually deeply interconnected, and that mature realization of one actually supports a more rich and profound realization of the other.

In this webinar the focus will be on exploring the nature of the human soul, that dimension of humanity that is the basis of our experience of spiritual individuality, conscious choice, understanding karma, and the development of relative wisdom and spiritual qualities. Our human soul nature, largely veiled in ordinary human life, is awakened through spiritual practice and becomes the key to the path of spiritual healing, transformation, cultivating virtue and recognizing and realizing our nondual nature – the realization of radical wholeness, interrelationship and ultimate reality.

Our aim in this webinar is to work particularly with deepening our understanding and experience of the human or ‘causal’ soul, that aspect of our nature that works with a strong understanding of karma and individual effort, which is not only key to preparing for nondual awakening, but is also present during and after deep nondual awakening.

Some of the themes we will explore will include:

  • The nature of human soul;
  • The relationship between soul and our nondual or absolute nature;
  • Distinguishing universality/unity versus nondualism;
  • The view of nondualism as interrelationship and interdependence;
  • The karmic dimension and nondualism;
  • The human soul as the cradle of nondual realization;
  • Karma, initiation/transmission and free will;
  • The human soul, effort, grace and accelerated evolution;
  • The Adi-Buddha or Logos as the underlying source in birthing the human soul, and guiding its complete evolution toward full enlightenment.

We will also employ meditation practices to explore these themes and deepen direct experience, as well as explore ways to work with these teachings in daily life.

Deepening Meditation Practice

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Seven Weeks, alternating Sundays, from February 6th to May 1st, 2022.

Meetings will be 2/6, 2/20, 3/6, 3/20, 4/3, 4/17, 5/1/2022.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time). Due to Daylight Savings Time changes in many countries during March but happening on different dates, meeting hours may vary a little in some locations for a week or two around that time. These changes will be announced later.

Cost: $175 (let me know if this fee is prohibitive so we find what works)

Meditation is one of the most profound practices for those seeking spiritual awakening and mastery. In addition to providing a direct approach to realizing our deepest nature and empowering us in finding freedom, wisdom and compassion in the midst of our daily lives, meditation also has the potential to support our emotional healing and transformation, the development of awareness and mastery of subtle energies for health and service, greater acceptance of our human nature, enhanced concentration and creativity, attuning to inner inspiration, and much more. Meditation is a skill with unlimited capacity to enrich our lives, enhance our love and service, and fulfill our deepest spiritual potential. Ultimately, it is a priceless doorway to realizing and embodying our interrelationship with all life.

This webinar will offer an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the many aspects of meditation – useful to those at various stages of meditation practice, from beginners to those with greater experience. We will explore:

–       A wide variety of types of meditation approaches

–       The strengths and value of the various types of meditation practice

–       Stages of meditation practice in the main approaches

–       Integrating meditation practice with our daily lives

–       Working with difficulties that arise in meditation practice

–       Understanding essential practices vs. secondary and supportive practices

–       Finding the practice that is best for us at a particular time

–       Skills for deepening our meditation practice

–       Awakening vs. integrative ways to practice

–       The relationship of meditation to prayer, ritual, presence in daily life and other practices.

In addition to a rich exploration of various meditation practices, both through teachings and meditations, there will be time in each meeting for individual questions, including about our personal meditation practice. For those previously attending this series of ongoing webinars, this will be the most systematic and thorough presentation of the broader range of meditation practice to date.

The Enlightened Feminine: Shakti, The Holy Spirit and Nature Mysticism

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Seven Weeks, alternating Sundays, from August 8th to October 31st, 2021.

Meetings will be 8/8/21, 8/22/21, 9/5/21, 9/19/21, 10/3/21, 10/17/21, 10/31/21.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time). Due to Daylight Savings Time changes in many countries on Oct. 31st, meeting hours may vary a little for that week in those countries. These adjustments will be announced later.

Cost: $175 (let me know if this fee is prohibitive so we find what works)

Although the most fundamental aspect of reality is beyond name, description and conception, we can approach the direct experience of this reality through different paths. These various approaches reveal different facets of enlightened being, different ‘faces’ or manifestations of the one Reality. One of the most essential of these is the path of the Enlightened or Sacred Feminine.

Paths or practices emphasizing the Divine Feminine include Earth-centered traditions like many shamanic and indigenous cultures, the Shakti traditions of India, and those practices working with the Holy Spirit as taught by Daskalos. Although approaches embracing the Divine Feminine can vary widely, they share some common elements as well. In our approach, we will explore the path of the Feminine in the context of nondual mysticism, the way of radical interrelatedness, which gives a particular understanding and experience of Shakti, Nature and the Holy Spirit.

Themes explored in this webinar will include:

The Sacred Feminine and feeling, sensation, desire and the body

Shakti, subtle energy, and kundalini

Embodiment, activity and the Feminine

Love and the Sacred Feminine

The Holy Spirit and the Enlightened Feminine

Archangels, Nature Spirits and Nature Mysticism

Shiva, Shakti and Nondual Lineages – Planetary and Beyond

Paths and practices for working with the Feminine

Cultivating the Union of the Enlightened Feminine and Masculine

The Feminine, Nature and ecological awareness

While using this webinar to deepen our understanding and experience of the Awakened Feminine, we will naturally also ground our approach in the nondual vision of sacred marriage and the underlying interrelationship of all life, including the interdependence of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

The Dimensions of Practice and Presence: Deepening Presence in Meditation and Daily Life

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Seven Weeks, alternating Sundays, from February 21st to May 16th, 2021.

Meetings will be 2/21, 3/7, 3/21, 4/4, 4/18, 5/2, 5/16/2021.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time). Due to Daylight Savings Time resuming in many countries during March, meeting hours may vary a little for a week or two around that time. These changes will be announced later.

Cost: $175 (let me know if this fee is prohibitive so we find what works)

We can view the path as having three interrelated aspects or dimensions, each with its own form of spiritual practice or cultivation. One aspect is the ground or essence of reality – the nondual in which the reality of the interrelatedness of all life is revealed. The second dimension is the aspect of intuitive wisdom and spiritual qualities such as peace, compassion, contentment, inspiration and acceptance. The third dimension is the realm of our manifest personalities, in which we integrate our spiritual nature with our human nature, based on awareness of our individual character traits, capacities, issues and karma. Working with each of these aspects of our nature is important for a wise, balanced and fulfilling practice.

These three dimensions of experience and practice are deeply interwoven, and practice in each area supports the practice in the others, ultimately revealing their interdependence with each other. 

At the heart of the first dimension is cultivating essential experience of the core nature of reality – our own nature and the nature of the universe. This can be approached in many ways. In this webinar we will go deeper into the philosophy and experience of nondual interrelationship – the intuitive realization of the interdependence of all life, the luminous dimension of wholeness and unobstructed being.

We will also deepen our insight into working with the second dimension – that of spiritual qualities and intuitive wisdom – as one of the most important aspects not only of a full and rich spiritual awakening, but also as a key approach to awakening the core intuition of fundamental interrelationship.

At the foundation of our path is also the important aspect of cultivating the skill and self-awareness we need to work with wisdom, love and balance in the healing and transformation of our personalities (the third dimension of practice). In some ways, this is perhaps the dimension of spiritual development that has often been somewhat underdeveloped in many of the ancient spiritual traditions of the world, and includes insights and skills for working with spiritual crisis and emergency, imbalances, trauma, understanding the Middle Path, and related issues.

Related topics will include:

  • Nondualism and Interrelationship
  • The Universal Feminine and Masculine
  • The Relative and the Absolute – Two Truths and Two Wisdoms
  • Bodhisattvahood and the Way of Interrelationship
  • Challenges of Interrelationship or Nondual Enlightenment – paradoxes, misunderstandings and excesses.

An important challenge in practice also includes working with deep spiritual questions and paradoxes concerning the relationship of the absolute and the relative, the transcendent and the ordinary, the individual and the universal – always to serve deepening the path of the marriage of compassion and wisdom. In this webinar we will explore these and other themes as they relate to the work of balancing and integrating the three aspects or dimensions of spiritual cultivation.

Deepening: The World Situation, Working with Spiritual Allies, Archangelic Orders and Other Topics

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific

Seven Weeks, alternating Sundays, from October 11, 2020 to January 3, 2021.

Meetings will begin in October as follows: 10/11/20, 10/25/20, 11/8/20, 11/22/20, 12/6/20, 12/20/20 and 1/3/21.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time). The meeting time for the second meeting will vary for some participants due to differences in Daylight Savings Time changes.

Cost: $175 (let me know if this fee is prohibitive so we can find what works)

This webinar is an opportunity to take up themes previously worked with in other webinars which, now with greater context, we can explore more deeply. This webinar will also provide more time than usual for questions from participants on these and other themes that can be both submitted via email or asked during the webinar meetings. But although this is an opportunity to revisit and deepen work with various themes, the approach we will use will not be based on requiring attending any particular previous webinars. We will also explore themes that have not been treated in depth in previous webinars.

Several of the topics to be explored are:

The World Situation – With various planetary/ecological concerns, issues of the sustainability of our global industrial civilization, international tensions and the current pandemic, we are all faced with how to better understand our world situation and develop a spiritual practice that helps us find inner peace and access love and service in the face of these challenges. In this webinar we will devote time to exploring various perspectives about these concerns, especially from a spiritual and global vision. And we will particularly explore approaches to ‘world work’, ways to support world healing, awakening and unity through subtle, non-physical methods.

The Universal Planetary Lineage – an opportunity to delve more deeply into the nature, work and significance of the Great Ones, those great masters who form the heart of the universal, planetary lineage. This theme also naturally interweaves to some extent with our explorations of the world situation, as the spiritual lineage is not only a source of inspiration and teaching, but also a planetary community offering partnership with humanity in working with our world situation and ongoing spiritual evolution.  

The Archangelic Orders: Their Nature and Work – We will also take time to go more deeply into the theme of other non-human systems of evolution, particularly the orders of Archangels, Nature Spirits, Holy Spiritual Intelligences and Elemental Lives. These include the Archangels of the Elements; guardian archangels; the Order of the Principalities; Dharma protectors; archangels of various spiritual Qualities, Ideas, Laws and Principles; angels and archangels of families, homes, regions, planes, planets, nations, healing work and others. This will include ways to invoke and cooperate with these Intelligences for various purposes, including individual and collective awakening and healing.

Developing a Personal Spiritual Path – we will also take some time to explore some important perspectives to understand in developing and deepening a personalized spiritual practice. We will particularly emphasize how to determine which practices are best suited to our nature and our stage of the path.

Q&A – There will also be time for questions on other topics, which can be submitted via email or asked during the meetings.

The Way of Initiation: Stages on the Path of the Heart

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Seven Weeks, alternating Sundays, from May 31st to August 23rd, 2020.

Meetings will be 5/31, 6/14, 6/28, 7/12, 7/26, 8/9 and 8/23/20.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time). 

Cost: $175 (let me know if this fee is prohibitive so we find what works)

All spiritual paths understand some vision of various stages on the way of spiritual awakening, whether Saint Theresa and St. John’s teachings on the stages of Mystical Christianity, or the Stations of the Soul of Sufism, the Ten Bhumis on the path of Buddhist bodhisattvahood, or Sapta Jnana the seven stages of wisdom of Hindu Vedanta. A foundational understanding of the stages of the spiritual path has many practical values, from clarification and inspiration about the highest potentials of human spirituality, to providing a general sense of the terrain of the path, to accessible and grounded insight into our current stage and the most effective teachings and methods to work with at that stage.

The vision of the major stages of spiritual evolution (and various smaller sub-stages) offered in this webinar is based on an approach exploring the underlying basic stages common to a wide variety of spiritual paths, working toward a more universal understanding of the path, beyond particular traditions, styles of practice or cultural differences. At the same time, our approach will emphasize two important orientations – a broad, integral and universal approach to spirituality, and with a focus on the path of the heart, a balance of love and wisdom, of inner awakening and engaging in ordinary life.

While always seeking a simple, core understanding of the stages of the path, we will also enrich and broaden this understanding, in part by drawing on insights from many traditions including Mystical Christian, Zen, Sufi, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and modern esotericism.

And even though the more advanced stages of initiation or spiritual awakening are not as accessible to most of us in this life, we can still gain benefit by exploring the essence of these deeper stages and ways that we can begin to attune to them and bring them into our practice and daily lives.

The Seven Rays or Wisdom-Luminosities

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Eight Weeks, alternating Sundays, from January 26th to May 3rd, 2020.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST USA, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time). Because of the differences in Daylight Savings Times for the US versus other countries, the meeting times for the two meetings in March may vary an hour for those in several countries. I will indicate those specific differences soon.

Cost: $205

Also called the Seven Wisdom-Energies, the Seven Luminosities, the Seven Pure Lights and other names, the Seven Rays (as they are known to many) are a spectrum of universal qualities and facets of wisdom that express the full spectrum of enlightened beingness and realization. They are the seven primordial qualities and aspects of our soul (individually) and of the Adi-Buddha or Universal Christ (collectively).

The teachings on the Seven Rays is part of an intuitive and practical science that is a core aspect of the Dharma or spiritual wisdom of our planetary spiritual lineage. Fragments of this teaching are found in various forms in the spiritual traditions and teachings of the world, though perhaps more fully explored in some traditions than others. For instance, among the ancient traditions openly available in the world, the most extensive teachings on the Seven Rays appears to be found in the Hindu tradition.

But in the last century and a half the planetary lineage has made efforts to share more of this teaching than has been available in the past. From the beginning of this process early sources indicated that, because this teaching is so rich and vast, the greater fullness of the teachings would not be more openly understood for centuries. But beginnings have been made.

I look forward to the opportunity in this webinar to share the fruits of my own lifelong exploration of the nature of the Seven Rays, and the larger spiritual psychology and cosmology of which this intuitive science is a part. Building on the teachings, both ancient and modern, that are already available, I have continued to explore, finding new dimensions of understanding the Rays, deepening my appreciation of their nature and the practical value of this science of the Rays in individual spiritual practice and service.

Some of the areas of practical application we will focus on most will include:

  • Various ancient and modern understandings of the rays, and the exploration of a new synthesis of a variety of sources;
  • The Rays as psycho-spiritual types of people, offering us greater Self-knowledge, as each human soul is attuned most to a particular ray;
  • The Rays as revealing the soul of the seven basic paths to enlightenment for human beings;
  • The Rays as keys to understanding stages of spiritual development – the areas of focus, liberation and learning that is the heart of each major stage of the path;
  • The Seven Ray Families (or ‘Buddha-Families’ as they are called in Vajrayana Buddhism);
  • The Seven Rays as keys to a spiritual understanding the main internal parts of our nature that we must transform, heal and integrate in our own spiritual development;
  • The Seven Rays as a model of a full or ‘integral’ spiritual development – the path of both developing along a particular ‘ray path’, while at the same time gradually balancing development of all the rays in our nature;
  • The tantric (or transformational) and nondual perspectives on the Rays, which has not been explored yet to any significant degree.

This webinar will include practices for developing awareness and intuitive understanding of the seven major rays, as well as exploring the practical value of working with the rays in individual spiritual practice, and in various areas of service such as energy/spiritual healing, psychology, work with the Nature kingdoms, partnership with the Archangels of the Rays, spiritual manifestation, world service work, and other areas.

The intuitive science of the seven rays also holds the key to deeper understanding of a wide range of fields such as: individual and collective cycles of growth; planetary kingdoms; the spiritual origins of human nature; and the human energy system including chakras.

Working with Our Emotional Nature: The Healing and Transformation of Emotion in the Deepening of the Heart

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT

Seven Weeks from September 22nd to November 3rd, 2019.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PDT (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EDT, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time). Because of the differences in Daylight Savings Times for the US and other countries, the meeting times for the last week or two will vary. I will indicate those specific differences soon.

Cost: $185

Emotions are a central to our experience of life. Emotional reactions permeate and motivate our relationships with family, friends, work associates, our bodies, belongings, homes, society, nature – indeed, virtually all aspects of our lives can evoke emotional reactions and states in us. We also live in an ocean of past emotional reactions, most arising from sources prior to this life. Many of these emotional reactions are sources of pain and restriction in our relationships and life, leading to unwholesome feelings and responses. So working skillfully, wisely and compassionately with our emotional nature, healing and transforming past emotions that still condition us, and learning to move away from energizing difficult emotions in the present and future, is a very central and important aspect or our spiritual path.

In this webinar we will explore:

–       the nature of emotion (including the role of desires and aversions, judgments, and mental stories in the arising of emotion);

–       the inner and outer causes of emotional reactions;

–       the difference between emotions and spiritual qualities such as love, compassion, joy, contentment, and spiritual happiness;

–       the power of both deeply facing and accepting emotions, and the importance of developing emotional wisdom and clarity;

–       methods of developing emotional wisdom, learning to accept our emotional nature and reactions, and skillful ways to gain greater freedom from our limiting emotions;

–       methods of healing painful emotions, and transforming challenging emotions such as sorrow and grief, loneliness, anger and annoyance, fear and anxiety, envy and jealousy, depression and despair; this includes the importance of developing the special skills often required to work in loving and wise ways with emotional (and physical) trauma, a condition so widespread in the world today;

–       the opening and deepening of the heart through cultivating acceptance, appreciation, love and compassion, emotional balance and spaciousness, generosity and contentment;

–       the importance of facing our emotional nature, especially recognizing the widespread tendency in those on the spiritual path to seek to use spiritual practices and ideas to bypass developing healthy emotional awareness, healing and transformation – instead we seek what might be called emotional integration, health and wholeness;

–       and learning to value our journey even through painful emotional experiences as we learn to transform these emotions into wisdom and positive spiritual qualities.

We will explore various perspectives and practices that give us practical tools for transforming and healing our emotional lives both in times of quiet and meditation and while engaged in daily life and interaction with others.

Our Spiritual Nature and the Cosmos – Deeper Explorations of Esoteric Psychology, Subtle Worlds and Cosmology

A Webinar meeting alternating Sundays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PST

Seven Sessions, meeting every other Sunday from March 31th to June 23rd 2019.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $175

This webinar will be a broad and in-depth exploration of the intuitive sciences of psychology, energy and cosmology found at the foundation of more esoteric approaches to spiritual development, particularly the ‘planetary’ or ‘Shambhala’ lineage. Our aim will be to deepen our spiritual practice, enhancing self-knowledge, spiritual awakening and skill in service. Throughout the many themes covered we will also emphasize the underlying patterns through which various themes are interconnected, particularly the interrelationship of microcosm and macrocosm, including the interweaving of the individual, planetary and cosmic dimensions.

Themes will include:

  • Levels of human identity, particularly the incarnate personality, the soul and nondual essence or Presence;
  • Difference between Incarnate Soul and Temporary or Incarnate Personality;
  • The dense, etheric and subtle bodies of humans and other forms of life;
  • The seven planes or dimensions (including the sub-planes and corresponding worlds); a nondual (rather than ascending) understanding of the seven planes; the nature of life in subtler dimensions, other non-physical types of beings, etc.;
  • The seven elements – their nature and correlations as a central spiritual science illuminating many other subjects; especially exploring a nondual understanding of the elements – in contrast to most traditional perspectives of the elements;
  • Working with subtle energies and elementals; visualization, subtle sound and feeling;
  • The seven major, and various minor, chakras; a tantric and nondual understanding of chakras;
  • The etheric or pranic body, with energy channels, minor chakras, forms of etheric vitality, and kundalini.
  • The causal body (or Permanent Personality), home of the reincarnating Soul; soul or causal identity and consciousness; soul psychology and evolution;
  • Reincarnation and spiritual evolution; the post-mortem phase of human experience;
  • The science of understanding karma; four types of karma; storehouse vs. ‘this life’ karma;
  • Archangelic Orders that support the human kingdom – especially the Archangels of the Elements, the Lords of Karma, and Guardian Angels, as well as other types;
  • The cosmic ancestors of humanity – seven (and two major) cosmic lineages and their relationship to humanity; Solar and Lunar Archangelic Orders; Lords of the Flame;
  • Consciousness, Sub-consciousness and Super-consciousness;
  • The seven planetary kingdoms of Nature; from mineral to formless Devas;
  • The Six Realms of Existence (Buddhism);
  • The Cosmic Memory, or Akashic Records.

As much as possible, we will use exercises and meditations to explore the various themes discussed. Our approach will be aimed at including less experienced participants while also providing substantial material for more experienced practitioners. This webinar will also lay an important foundation for exploring the intuitive science of the seven rays or wisdom-luminosities, which are closely interrelated with many themes such as the seven planes, seven chakras, seven elements, and many others. The seven primordial wisdom-energies or rays will be explored in much greater depth in a subsequent webinar. Handouts on many of the topics will be made available as well.

The Way of Transformation – The Tantric Vision of Embodiment, Transformation and Sacred Marriage

A Webinar meeting Sundays, 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM PST

Six Sessions, meeting every Sunday from February 10th to March 17th, 2019.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $150 (let me know if this fee is a financial hardship to discuss other payment options)

There are a number of key ways mystics have both approached the spiritual path and experienced deeper spiritual realities across different times and cultures. One of the most essential and important of these has been called the ‘tantric’ vision in India and Tibet, or the Way of Transformation. This is not the popular notion of tantra as ‘sacred sex’ (although some tantric traditions do include sacred sexuality), but rather an understanding and experience of spiritual awakening that emphasizes several key principles – perhaps the two most important being the principle of transformation, and the principle of sacred marriage or union of opposites. This is the inner heart of ‘tantra’ as found in various teachings around the world (whether called ‘tantra’ or not), especially in such traditions as Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism.

Many, perhaps most, of the religious traditions of the world, as well as many of the inner mystical traditions, do not fully embrace the tantric vision. They emphasize traditional notions of cultivating positive spiritual traits, purifying and releasing unwholesome traits, and (if they are mystics) often some form of transcendent mysticism – often with an excessive leaning towards the otherworldly and an alienation from the body, Nature and the feminine. The tantric approach does not reject some of these principles such as cultivating virtue, but adds an important dimension to practice that fosters a spirit of working with the elements of our human nature and of the world in a spirit of inclusiveness, healing and transformation. This vision is more compatible in many ways with a deeper expression of spiritual embodiment, engagement and harmony and partnership with Nature, an approach sorely needed in our times. It works to bring forth a greater recognition and partnership with the presence of the sacred within the body, desire, emotion, Nature, the Feminine and ordinary life.

Part of the way of transformation includes the principle of sacred polarities – especially of Universal Masculine and Feminine – and a path of their balance and integration. Whether viewed as Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti, Logos and Holy Spirit, or Wisdom and Compassion, the path of tantra nurtures the experience of the inner marriage of Universal Polarities.

In this webinar we will explore various meanings and approaches to the path of inner tantra or transformation and the marriage of opposites. This will also include an exploration of the significance of the way of tantra as a key element of the emergent global spirituality, and the broad spiritual and cultural implications of the increasing shift towards a spirituality that is more balanced with the feminine, the body, world engagement and Nature. Other themes we will include that are illuminated by the tantric vision include: the seven elements and rays; Nature Intelligences and Archangels; the chakras and kundalini; working with the shadow; the Sacred Earth; and the Rainbow Body.

Awakened Presence Meditation – An In-Depth Webinar

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM PST

Six Sessions, meeting every other Sunday, starting November 18th to January 27th, 2019.

Please note: meeting alternating Sundays:

November 18th

December 2nd

December 16th

December 30th

January 13th

January 27th

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $150 (let me know if this fee is a financial hardship to discuss other payment options)

This webinar is an opportunity for in-depth exploration of the essential practice of meditative presence.  

The Buddhist tradition teaches that there are two main forms of meditation. The first, and by far the most common throughout the various traditions of the world, is based on concentration. In this approach we gradually learn to focus on a specific object of concentration, such as an image, idea or a mantra, and exclude everything else from our awareness. This is powerful for cultivating a stronger contact with positive spiritual qualities and realities within us and has great value. In the second method, we learn to be present with all that is arising in our ordinary experience, so that our concentration is not about narrowing our focus, but rather about remaining awake and undistracted in being present to the full spectrum our experience. This second form of practice is based on developing an open, embracing form of concentration and presence.

In this second approach, which I often call Presence Meditation, we cultivate the ability to be aware, concentrated, peaceful, accepting, intuitive, compassionate and equanimous, regardless of what is happening in our experience, internally and in the world around us. Thoughts, sensations, memories, emotions and other content are allowed to continue to arise, and we develop the ability to remain aware of these elements of our nature without being distracted or disturbed by what we experience. This practice is particularly profound in cultivating a spirituality that is more embodied, loving and integrated with our humanity (including our ‘shadow’) and with the world. It is also a very important capacity for nurturing self-understanding and healing, while leading gradually to a very grounded and integrated state of wise and loving Presence.

Key themes:

Presence meditation versus concentration-based meditation

The qualities of Presence

The challenges or hindrances to Soul Presence

The growth of intuitive wisdom

Working with pain, suffering and challenging emotions

Working with the Dark Night and other challenging phases

Cultivating Compassionate Presence

The transformative, healing and illuminating power of Presence

The tantric and nondual views in Presence Meditation

A multi-stage model for clarifying the path to deepening Presence

(Handouts will be included that outline and define much of this material)

This webinar will be a more in-depth exploration of this essential and profound method of meditation, one that can be practiced from the most beginning stages all the way to the deepest levels of spiritual maturity. I will be drawing inspiration primarily from the various Buddhist traditions that emphasize this approach (called by various names such as zazen, shikan-taza, vipassana, Mahamudra or Dzogchen), and personalized in my own approach based on 40 years of practice in this and other forms of meditation. For both beginning and experienced meditators. This webinar will be meeting every other week to give more time for integration between meetings. 

For more information, or to register for this class, email Mark at

Spiritual Practice in Daily Life

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM PDT

Six Weeks from September 9th to October 21th, 2018 (we will not be meeting on September 16th). 

Meetings will be September 9th, 23rd, 30th, October 7th, 14th, 21st. 

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PDT (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EDT, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $150 (let me know if this fee is a financial hardship to discuss other payment options)

Although meditation and other forms of inner work are important elements of the spiritual path for many, the majority of us also spend much of each day involved in various activities. Most modern spiritual practitioners do not spend a large portion of their day in meditation. Subsequently, the work of cultivating spirituality in the midst of our daily lives is particularly important to modern practitioners. In this webinar we will explore a variety of principles and practices for awakening love and wisdom in the context of the fullness of modern life – ordinary tasks, relationships, work, sexuality, family life and raising children, and the path of service.

Our central vision will be the path of transformation – an approach to the loving illumination our human nature, our lives and the world around us. It is the path of the transformation of the body, incarnate self, emotion, desire – all of our human nature and lives – as the doorway to spiritual awakening and living. This leads to a more compassionate, embodied and engaged spirituality, so much needed in our times. 

Some of the themes we will explore include:

The Practice of Presence – Awakening in the Midst of Our Lives

Cultivating Spiritual Qualities in Daily Life

Spiritual Principles in Relationships and Communication

Working with Healing and Transforming Our Emotional Nature

Finding the Middle Path – Avoiding Extremes of Stagnation or Excessive Striving and Self-Judgment

A Sense of Life Purpose – Understanding and Aligning with the Soul Vision of Our Incarnation

The Way of Love and Service – Cultivating Compassion and Active Love 

Nondualism, Interrelationship and The Union of Opposites

Sundays, 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM PDT

Six Weeks from July 22th to August 26th, 2018. 

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PDT (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EDT, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $150 (let me know if this fee is a financial hardship to discuss other payment options)

At the core of our spiritual yearning is the need to realize the most basic truth of our nature and the nature of reality. It is the aspiration to realize our Buddha nature, experience union with God, to realize our oneness with the Tao. Although approached from a variety of paths, there is a state of being that is universally recognized in the spiritual traditions of the world, a state in which one attains inner peace, liberation, compassion and enlightenment.

What is the nature of this state of enlightenment? How does this realization come about? What are its stages? Is it realized suddenly or gradually? Can it be attained through effort or practice? How is this enlightenment related to our daily lives?

This webinar will explore the most essential dimensions of human spirituality – the experience of these deepest realities of our nature and of our world. Even for those who are less experienced in the spiritual path, deepening our understanding and intuitive sense of the inner essence of spiritual awakening has great value.

One of the practices of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path is Right View, a practice important to virtually all spiritual paths. Appreciating the value of Right View includes understanding that at the foundation of our spiritual practice is the importance of developing a clear grasp of the teachings as an important basis for cultivating a direct experience of enlightenment, whatever our specific path might be. And our understanding or ‘right view’ continues to mature as we progress on the path of awakening, both supporting our path and conditioning the way this awakening unfolds and is expressed.

In support of this deepening vision or view we will explore a variety of essential and interrelated themes. These will include:

–          The ‘nondual’ perspective of God, the Absolute or Reality

–          Various understandings of nondualism from the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions

–          The nondual vision of Interrelatedness

–          Stages and approaches to the direct realization of nondualism

–          Shiva and Shakti – the Tantric Path to nondual realization through the marriage of opposites

–          The Union of Love and Wisdom

–          Recognizing and addressing common misunderstandings of nondualism

–          Addressing common objections to nondualism

–          The Middle Path – avoiding extreme or lopsided views in understanding and experiencing enlightenment

–          God, Ishvara or the Primordial Buddha – perspectives and practices relating to the universal expression of enlightenment as Deity (a nondual vision of ‘God’)

–          The seven major planes or worlds and their relationship to enlightenment

–          The question of whether there are differences between the Hindu’s ‘jivanmukti’ (liberation) and sahaja samadhi, the Christian’s Theosis or Christ-consciousness, the Buddhist’s enlightenment, the Taoist’s union with the Tao, and so on.

Although this class will serve to establish and deepen our philosophical and intuitive understanding of the most essential dimensions of the Dharma, we will also include corresponding discussion and practice of various methods of direct realization of these truths, both in meditation and in daily life. This will include exploring several essence or core practices such as shikan-taza, nada yoga and Self-inquiry.

The Planetary Lineage: Its Nature, Branches and Work

Sundays, 10 AM to 12:30 PM, PST

Eight Weeks, from April 8th to May 27thth, 2018

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $195 (let me know if this fee is a financial hardship to discuss other payment options)

This webinar is an exploration of the nature and work of the universal planetary lineage at the source of all outer spiritual lineages on our planet. We will include a focus on several major expressions of the core planetary or ‘Shambhala’ lineage, such as the ‘Trans-Himalayan School’, and particularly the work to foster the emergence of a new expression of the Shambhala lineage in the world today.

Themes will include:

  • the full flowering of the universal planetary lineage in Shambhala (as it is known to some), a sacred center in the subtle worlds, and some of its major groups or schools working with humanity both from the inner worlds and in human incarnation;
  • types of planetary spiritual beings, from liberated masters to the planetary Logos;
  • the nature and work of spiritual intelligences working with non-human aspects of our world;
  • the new expression of the universal planetary lineage gradually emerging in the world today;
  • and various examples of the work of this lineage within current human culture and spiritual traditions. This provides a context for a broad consideration of the work of many individuals, groups and lineages in light of the larger planetary lineage and vision, as well as some of the spiritual activities of non-human Intelligences .

The practical emphasis of this webinar will be upon developing a greater understanding of the presence and activity of our deepest sources of planetary inspiration, and ways we each can participate in this work to deepen our own spiritual evolution while cooperating with the greater work of human and planetary enlightenment. We will also seek to foster a deeper sense of the interrelatedness of all the various forms of life, visible and invisible, on our planet and beyond, opening to greater participation in a sense of planetary consciousness, partnership and service.

Crisis and Opportunity: Spiritual Perspectives and Practices for Working with Planetary Healing and Awakening In Difficult Times

Sundays, 10 AM to 12:00 PM, PST

Five Weeks, from February 18th to March 18th, 2018

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finnish Time).

Cost: $100 (let me know if this fee is a financial hardship to discuss other payment options)

Although we are facing very challenging times, humanity and our planet are also opening to the opportunity for a collective awakening. As times become more difficult, many who are attuned to this possibility find it increasingly hard to maintain a more hopeful sense of our world situation and future.

In this five-week class we will explore three main interrelated themes: the larger evolutionary cycles of our Earth and humanity, and our karmic history; our long-range future potential; and our current situation and opportunity. In this context we will explore a wide variety of themes and perspectives, developing a deepening sense of how they are all interconnected. These will include: the possibility of planetary initiation and awakening; the global healing of ancient trauma; the challenges of collective transformation and planetary crisis; the shift of centers of global spirituality and the emergent new spiritual order; and the increased opening to contact and support from non-human intelligences such as Archangelic orders, the Sidhe and other non-physical races, the lineages of planetary bodhisattvas and buddhas, and non-planetary allies.

I will be drawing on my own inner experiences combined with a rich variety of complimentary sources to deepen our understanding of what is happening in our world at this time and the opportunity that this affords us collectively. Throughout this exploration we will include regular work with strengthening our ability to be present to the processes of planetary change and initiation, and to actively contribute to global healing and awakening, both in the physical and subtle levels.

The Way of Awakened Presence: An Eight-Week Webinar Class Exploring Spiritual Practice

Sundays, starting December 3, 2017, 10 AM to 12:30 PM, PST

Meeting dates are Sundays, December 3, 10 and 17, January 7, 14, 21 and 28, and February 4.

Starting times for each meeting are 10 AM PST (a few other time zone examples are: 1 PM EST, 7 PM Danish Time, and 8 PM Finish Time).

Cost: $195 (let me know if this fee is a financial hardship to discuss other payment options)

This webinar will provide a rich exposure to a variety of spiritual practices, both meditative as well as approaches to integrating spiritual presence into daily life. Each class will include periods of meditation, instruction, and opportunity for discussion/questions about individual practice.

Specific practices covered will include form-based techniques using voice, visualization, and touch; exploring various qualities; recognizing and working with hindrances and challenges (distraction, tiredness, difficult emotions, restlessness, boredom, etc.); essential mystical practices such as visionary contemplation, shikan-taza and insight practices; and the cultivation of spiritual qualities and presence in daily life.

We will also explore some important perspectives about spiritual practice such as The Middle Path, avoiding imbalances from spiritual practice, understanding the wholesome cultivation of effort and intention, and stages of the path.

For more information, or to register for this class, email Mark at

Free Introductory Webinar:

Introductory Talk on Emergent Spirituality

This talk is an introduction to the Six Week Webinar Class to begin on October 15, 2017 (see below). 

October 1, 2017, Sunday, 11 AM to 12 PM PST

For the link to attend this free online talk, contact Mark at

The Qualities of Presence: Exploring the Essence of Spiritual Practice

October 7, 2017, Saturday, 10 AM to 1 PM PST

This three hour webinar will explore the qualities at the essence of all forms of spiritual practice, qualities that we seek to cultivate both in sitting practices and in our daily lives. The first half of this meeting will be a talk about the qualities of presence and methods of practice, and the second half will be a Q&A, including opportunity in the last hour to bring in topics beyond the theme of the talk. 

Cost: $25

For more information or to register for this webinar contact Mark at


Emergent Dharma: Exploring Dimensions of the Emerging Global Spirituality

Sundays, 10 AM to 12 PM PST (1 to 3 PM EST)
6 Weeks, Starting Oct. 15st to Nov. 19th 2017

Cost $125

A number of significant circumstances in the world today are providing the conditions for the emergence of a new spiritual sensibility, a ‘new Dharma’. This new spirituality is showing signs of being more than just ‘old wine in new bottles’, but instead is the expression of a more fundamental shift to a more global, integrative, multi-dimensional vision and approach. 

Although this new spirituality draws a great deal of inspiration and support from the past, it cannot emerge on the foundation of any existing tradition, but rather is a fresh incarnation of the Dharma on Earth, born in part from a blending of influences of all traditions. Signs of this spirituality have been emerging for a century or two and will need to ripen for some time to come before its deeper nature and implications become evident. But it is already possible to identify important elements of this vision, elements that are currently arising in many individuals, groups and traditions around the world today.

What are these trends? Can we discern something about the central vision that is the underlying spirit behind these emerging trends? What are the long-term implications, the impact on the quality of enlightenment, our approach to spiritual practice, and on human culture and our planet as a whole, as we embody this emergent spirituality increasingly over time?

In this class we will explore in depth various important elements of the emerging spirituality on a variety of levels, from the most essential nature of this new vision, to the more concrete implications in our daily practice, lifestyle and participation in human culture. Especially important will be to cultivate a deepening attunement to the essence of emergent spirituality in our times, heightening our ability to recognize and encourage its unfoldment.

Themes covered will include:

– Understanding the essence of the emergent global spirituality, exploring the underlying spirit behind the various manifestations and trends of modern global awakening.

– The trend towards, and importance of, a global spirituality, and how each of us can cultivate the spirit of a global spirituality in our own practice and vision.

– The meaning and significance of a non-dogmatic, ‘scientific’ spirituality.

– The emerging ‘tantric’ sensibility, including the path of transformation and the principle of the marriage of union of polarities, rather than the spirit of renunciation.

– Gender issues in spirituality and spiritual traditions, not just in the important social dimensions, but also in the more subtle forms of energetic and philosophical expressions of gender imbalance.

– Non-sectarianism – the importance of cultivating an appreciation of the enormous collective wealth of our great planetary spiritual/religious traditions, and the realization that no existing tradition embodies the fullness of the Dharma possible in a truly planetary spirituality.

– Holarchy vs. hierarchy – exploring new and healthy forms of power and empowerment in spiritual relationships, communities and lineages.

– Ecology, Nature and Nature Mysticism – the profound importance of a spirituality that embraces the richness of ecological awareness and wisdom, and the recognition and cooperation with Nature Intelligences as part of the wholeness of planetary life.

– A new understanding of humanity and our place in the universe. Part of the emerging spirituality is a shift of fundamental spiritual perspective that sheds new light on the very nature of humanity, its purpose and place within a planet and in the cosmos.

– A new understanding of the Earth and a spiritual science of Gaia. This is a large topic that we will only be able to explore in an introductory fashion in this class, but will be an important part of understanding the nature of an emerging Dharma and new dimensions of participation in planetary life.

– Emergent spirituality and the world situation – another large topic that we will explore in some depth, especially in relationship to the interrelationship between the world crisis, global spiritual healing, and the new spirituality.

– Developing awareness of, and partnership with, those spiritual resources that are the allies of emergent spirituality. This includes beings in the inner worlds who seek to foster the spirit of a new Dharma in our world.

This class will serve as a substantial overview of many important topics, but will also provide time to explore many of these themes in greater depth, particularly exploring the pattern of how all of these issues can be seen in the light of a core vision at the heart of the emergent planetary spirituality.

For more information, or to register for this class, email Mark at